How to Characterize Your App

Characterizing an app is the process of defining the purpose and unique qualities of an application so that it stands out among competitors. It involves understanding the app’s target audience, establishing its unique selling point, defining its brand identity, and crafting an elevator pitch to describe it. Doing this can help first time founders gain a better understanding of their app and can help them effectively market it. In this guide, we will walk through the steps needed to properly characterize your app.


Identifying Your Audience

The first step in characterizing your app is to identify your target audience. Gather user feedback and analyze user data to determine who will be using your app and how. Knowing your audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors can help you create a product that meets their expectations and can help you promote it in the most effective way.

For example, if your app is intended for people who are looking to save money on groceries, you should collect feedback from people who typically shop at grocery stores and analyze data on those shoppers’ spending habits. This information can help you understand what features are most important to them and what types of promotions or discounts they are likely to take advantage of.


Establishing Your App’s Unique Selling Point

Once you have identified your target audience, you must establish your app’s unique selling point. This involves analyzing competitors to understand what sets your app apart from them and identifying your app’s strengths in order to define its value proposition.

For instance, if you are creating an app that helps users save money on groceries, you should look at other apps in the same space and determine what features they offer that are not present in your own. You should also evaluate your own app and determine what advantages it has over competitors such as a more intuitive user interface or advanced features that make the shopping experience easier. Once you have established what sets your app apart from others, you can use this information to craft a unique selling point that will attract users.


Defining Your App’s Brand

To create a successful product, it is important to define the brand identity of your app. This includes creating a visual identity such as logos, colors, and fonts as well as developing a unique brand voice that will be used in all marketing efforts. Your visual identity should be recognizable and memorable so that users instantly recognize your product when they see it. Similarly, your brand voice should be consistent across all marketing materials so that users become familiar with it over time.

For example, if you are creating an app that helps users save money on groceries, you could create a logo featuring a grocery bag full of produce with the tagline “Save Money on Groceries” underneath it. You could also choose colors and fonts that are representative of savings and use language in all marketing materials such as “start saving now” or “cut your grocery bill in half” to communicate the value of your product.


Crafting an Elevator Pitch to Describe Your App

Finally, you should craft an elevator pitch to succinctly summarize your app’s purpose and describe its unique attributes. This short description should be concise yet memorable and should effectively communicate why users should choose your app over competitors.

For instance, if you are creating an app that helps users save money on groceries, your elevator pitch could be something like “Our app helps shoppers save money on groceries by providing discounts on popular items and offering exclusive deals from local stores. With our intuitive user interface and advanced features, shoppers can save time and money while shopping for their favorite products.”



Characterizing an app is an important step for first time founders to ensure their success in the market. By following the steps outlined above, you can gain a better understanding of your app and effectively market it to your target audience. Identifying your audience, establishing a unique selling point, defining a brand identity, and crafting an elevator pitch are all key steps in characterizing your app.