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We empower entrepreneurs from the ideation phase to full product development, offering a comprehensive tech partnership that adapts to your needs. Our services include product management, financial planning, design, and development, all provided with the agility and insight of a third-party entrepreneur.


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iGreen Development was founded in 2018 by Nir Yafe, the founder and co-founder of four startups companies. Nir is an MBA graduate, a lecturer, and a mentor of young entrepreneurs at the beginning of their first startup.

In the past, iGreen development teams were established solely for in-house development purposes of companies that were founded by the group. The companies launched products that were used by millions of users and from that they led millions of dollars in investments.

Following the success of the companies, thanks to a unique process of establishment winning teams, a great requirement started from entrepreneurs and enterprises to use the development R&D teams for outsourcing and various collaborations purposes.

iGreen Development was established following this requirement to provide a comprehensive solution for different types of services customized for each customer in different stages of the product development, from the concept stage without a clear business plan to the support stage and continuous development for existing products with many users.

A dedicated staff assigned to each product what makes the development process being cared for from all the aspects needed. The team includes 3-20 staff members which can be: developers, designers, content writers, QA, product managers, engineers, and other various consultants. Each team has the experience required to make each product a pioneer and market leader, with maintaining minimal development costs for each version and without compromising the high quality that necessary for the optimal launch that fits the customer audience of the product.

iGreen development team will personally take care of all KPI and success goals until they will be achieved. In order to produce the right process in the best way it required:

  1. Understand in-depth all your requirements
  2. Perform a comprehensive and orderly characterization process
  3. If necessary, advise business-wise, set success and failure goals, and build a long-term business and financial model to create a product with higher chances of success.
  4. If necessary, create a technological architecture that will fit the product in an optimal way
  5. Create a unique design to express the core values ​​of the product
  6. Programing and developing with advanced tools, and keep all changes securely in the cloud
  7. Assist in the entire technical process of product launch
  8. Support growth processes for high user volumes

 In this process, the future challenges can be understood already at the initial stage.

Thanks to extensive experience and a winning team that never stops growing, iGreen has the ability to design, develop, and implement complex technologies with the right architectural infrastructure that will stand in large traffic loads and also overcome the variety of technological challenges in a product cycle.

iGreen services are currently used by SMB and also by entrepreneurs at the beginning of their technological journey. Our clients are assisted by personal guidance and a customized service package tailor-made for them.



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